Metateacher Challenges! #1 - Working Walls

“We’re sharing our practice so that we can “steal” ideas from one another, cheer from the sidelines and offer up advice and resources to help each other. Come and see…”

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How do we define Teaching Quality?

“This a group for those who are involved in the co-create process of the “Reflecting on Teaching Quality” framework (and the PD days and fun that brings!) ” – Run by @selena and @matt

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How are schools creating a Growth Mindset culture?

“I thought it would be great to start up a discussion on how each school creates a growth mindset culture. Would love to see the different ways and means out there!” – Started by @tambo2202

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Safe, Nurturing, Progressive

As educators we understand the impact that seeing positive progress can have on a learner. But, how often do you take the time to see yourself as a learner in the context of our profession? Are we simply guilty of not making our own learning as high a priority as our students?

We’re using technology to help over come the barriers that might be in your way. Time is precious, you need a place to start a safe collegial conversation, a way to be in control of your own assessment of practice, a means to make multiple quick reflections which result in some unbiased, visual feedback to help you to fine tune your learning journey.

This is a space where you can nurture your own development as much as you nurture that of your students’. In doing so, you will become a stronger practitioner, your professional goals will be realised and that, ultimately, your personal learning journey can only help serve your students for the better.

The Best Learners Make the Best Teachers

As educators we all want to keep learning. Learning is our bread and butter, it’s who and what we are. We attend hours of professional development, we strive to grow our technique so that we can add to our growing assortment of effective teaching strategies. We want to do this so that we can better serve our students’ needs.

How did you decide which sessions to attend?

Imagine you had a tool that allowed you to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of a key strategy that you wanted trial. Maybe you want to take part in some, peer supported, classroom appraisals to get someone else’s point of view. Over time the data these tools provide allow you to sees your talents as well as identify barriers to your learning and growth. You suddenly have a really clear picture of your current practice. Just as you would do for the students in your classroom, you are now able to diagnose your own learning needs and, as a result, make informed, professional development choices. Reflect Growth also provides you with a safe community of colleagues to share learning stories with, to work with as you apply what you are learning continually evidencing your growth (Even against the standards) and support others in return.

‘Teacher’ is Synonymous with ‘Learner’.

As teachers, our job is to facilitate, to enable, to help others achieve. We work hard to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of our students understanding and learning skill set. We making comparable judgements of learning, providing timely and appropriate feedback and using a comprehensive range of assessment strategies to diagnose learning needs. We use this knowledge to identify interventions and modify our teaching practice. We support, we encourage, we turn our students’ struggles into their triumphs and their dreams into a reality.

We believe that the term ‘teacher’ is synonymous with ‘learner’. Every learner has a right to access such a nurturing environment no matter which learning pathway they choose. We know that the best learners make the best teachers. Reflect Growth’s community and app provides you with the support you want to become the best learner and teacher you can be.

Some of Reflect Growth's Feature Highlights


Showcasing your talents in a measured and meaningful way.


Facilitating valuable feedback and commentary.


Flexible. Designed to move with your practice.


Individually analysed & mapped PD recommendations.
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