How Do Teachers Define Teaching Quality?

The teaching quality reflection tools are now live and running on the site.  It’s been great to see the results of these quizzes trickling in.  Now, I’d love to encourage a flood of educators sharing their thoughts and knowledge.  If you are a passionate teacher then please consider coming and joining the conversation.

Steps to get involved:

  1. Join the community:
  2. Check your email and confirm your identity. (If you’ve logged on with Facebook you can skip this step)
  3. Log on and a pop up box will appear asking you if you’d like to take part in the co-creators group.   It will also ask you to agree to our Non Disclosure Agreement.  When you’re happy, click “Confirm”.
  4. Now head to the co-creators page: where you can access the quizzes and opportunities for free face to face professional development.

Please Note:  If you are hoping to attend our Face to Face PD event in Adelaide you need to complete at least two of the 14 quizzes.  Upon completion, if tickets are still available, @matt or @Selena will send you an invitation to the event for you to consider.

Co-Creator Feedback

Vip Sharma“Hey I enjoyed it! Glad to be involved. Really made me reflect and question my practice. You have worked hard on this” – @svipula

Jess Ottewell “Interesting. Made me think about my practice that is for sure 🙂 What I do and what could be improved :)” – @jottewell


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