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Just as our students are, all Australian educators are now subject to certain assessment criteria.  AITSL’s National Professional standards are affecting how we reflect upon ourselves as teachers. Designed as a “a public statement of what constitutes teacher quality” the standards are now driving a fair amount of our professional development, bringing forefront the idea of teacher accountability and affecting our definition of the teaching profession.  They now form the basis for the evidence gathering needed for our teacher registration boards in order to move to full registration and to auditors who decide what rung we are on as we climb the AITSL’s career stage ladder.

Our work with Reflect Growth has shown two clear trends in relation to this. First, there is a real need to work out WHAT professional development an individual needs.  That’s why we are busy creating an app, lead and developed by teachers, to help us explore exactly what our strengths and weaknesses are as professionals.  A “Fit bit” for teachers, if you will.  Something easy to digest and non-judgmental that will help us to connect with teachers who want to learn together in order to grow practice.  It’s certainly an exciting project to be involved in and I’ve been loving the growth I’ve felt in my own practice as we all work towards this important aim.

Progress Pie Chart - How many hours have you done so far?

Quickly see how many hours of PD you’ve completed*

Print out of PD information for the portal

Easily produce a word document export of your PD requirements for the TRB* or anyone else who wants to see. 

The second, is finding an easier, more efficient way of curating evidence that can be used to fulfill the statutory requirements we now face.  Many teachers already  blog.  They might use Wix, WordPress, Edublogs or Blogger to share their learning journeys. They may even tag or categorise their writing against the standards.  However, there are many teachers out there who simply don’ t have the time (or the skills) to set up their own website in this way. Or, who don’t want to be restricted by a limitation in the number of pages they can write, or the features they are allowed to include.  It would seem that there are a lot of us who would just like to click a button and have a pre-made online portfolio appear for us. One that will remind us to add the standards at both the domain and focus area level. One that provides a guide to help us to do that.  Even one that might help us report directly back to our Registration Board without needing to head to their portals.

That’s why, 8 weeks ago, we started  If you’re an educator who wants access to a site creation tools that involves no setup, will help you to evidence your professional development hours, your progression from graduate to lead and provide all that you need to show you’re ready to go from provisional to full registration then have a watch of the video below.  Then head over and claim your name 🙂


* PD development records have been developed with the South Australian Teacher Registration Board.  We will be talking to other boards soon to get their approval too.  These features will be released in early June 2016.


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