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Office 365 is used by many of us every day.  If you’re a teacher in a department school in South Australia, for example, you will log on to your email (via learn link).  That email is powered by Office 365.   Email is still a major communication tool for sharing and collaboration and it’s probably safe to say, that the username and password you use to access it is firmly ingrained in your mind.  Although there are other options to sign up and access the reflect growth community, we thought that being able to use your usual username and password to log in was one of many great reasons to include Microsoft’s single sign on for your Office 365 account.

Office 365 Log on now available at Reflect Growth - Co-create page

Office 365 Log on now available at Reflect Growth – Co-create page

You might be familiar with this kind of log on process already.  Your schools may already have this single sign on working with your online teacher portfolio at Edufolios or with your Matheletics account.  By partnering with Microsoft in this way we’ve made it even easier for you to create and access the conversations, resources and support that the reflect growth community brings. Just press the red “Log in with Office 365” button (You’ll find it on the home page and the co-create page) and you’ll be directed to Microsoft’s O365 login page.   Enter your existing, super secure school email address and password and you’re all ready to go.

There will be no need to manage separate passwords for Reflect Growth and your school email.  If you update your details at school, that new updated password will still work with Reflect Growth – that’s what single sign on does.  It joins the two services together for you helping you to manage your security protocols a little more easily. Of course, if you’re new to Reflect Growth, pressing that red button means you won’t need to complete any of the fields in the sign up box – you’ll get into the community much faster!


Signup form, opffice 365 and reflectgrowth

Using the O365 button saves you time! No fields to complete

How do I sign up?

It’s easy!  Head over to the join page and try out the new O365 button for yourself. If you don’t have a compatible email system then you are still welcome to sign up using either the Facebook integration or by creating a new account using the fields provided.  We look forward to learning with you!

I’ve already got a Reflect Growth Account – How does this affect me?

If you’ve used your school email address to create your Reflect Growth account then, if you select the red Login with Office 365 button, the system will look for your existing account and log you in as that user. Easy! If you’ve signed up with a different email address but would like to be able to use this new feature then all you have to do is edit your email address in your profile.  Change it to your school’s email and voila! It’s all linked up and ready to go.


change email address reflect growth

You can change your email address to your schools email and use the O365 integration straight away.

Working With Microsoft.

Our relationship with Microsoft has been growing for a year or so now.  They’ve been openly supportive of our community.  We made this great video explaining how we work together.  They like to consistently provide us with opportunities to explore new projects and grow our skill set (so that we can make Reflect Growth even more awesome).  We’re looking forward to continuing to build that relationship and seeing where it might lead us in the future.


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