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Having personalized, measurable goals for your career is one of the things that helps us to connect with the work we do, get satisfaction from doing it well and understanding how we’re continually developing our skills.

With Reflect Growth, our vision is to make the process of creating your professional development (PD) pathway as seamless and intuitive as it should be; basing it on your professional qualities as a teacher. I’d like to share a few thoughts with you on how I see that happening.

Reflect Growth will be a software system that can be operated from multiple devices (think your desktop / laptop web browser, mobile device or tablet). The software will be designed using a few core values:

  • Intuitive – You shouldn’t have to “work out” how to use the software, it should be designed to work as you expect (from the user interfaces that you see).
  • Efficient – The software will focus on capturing the most important & relevant information and ask for very little else.
  • Flexible – The software will appreciate that one-size very rarely fits all, and will provision for you to easily make changes; fitting the platform to your circumstances.

Reflect Growth will be created on top of these values to ensure that you have access to an easy to use software platform that gives you a positive experience. We want you to be able to set aside your headaches or any paper-based processes you already use for managing your PD, knowing that Reflect Growth can:

  • Organize your PD information and store it in the context of your Individual PD Pathway / Teacher Profile.
  • Analyse your needs, as an individual, based on your teaching qualities.
  • Map your teaching qualities against a matrix of global best practices so you can be provided with PD recommendations to build on your current skills.

Analyzing your needs

To analyse your needs, and deliver the kinds of benefits I’ve discussed above, there will need to be an engine within the Software that can take feedback from you, or your peers, definequalityteachingand correlate your qualities to the matrix of current global best practices.  Part of this engine, is already under construction as we speak – Selena is tirelessly working through a number of documents, articles & papers to condense down the current Teaching best practices. In the new year we will be looking to our members to review what Selena has done and to Co-Create the engine with us.

This engine will then be incorporated into the Reflect Growth Software, wherein you will be able to create templates to identify your teaching qualities as part of your desired reflective practices. When the templates are completed (using our software), Reflect Growth will analyse your data and profile your practice so that you have a clear view of your strengths & weaknesses.

This approach will allow us to take the heavy lifting out of analyzing PD and will also allow us to make personalized recommendations for you so you can build a personalized PD Pathway that meets your needs.

Mapping your teaching qualities

When we envisioned Reflect Growth, one of the key components for us was to work with Strengths & Weaknesses, as opposed to labels. By doing this we can focus on personalized, easy to digest information on your current qualities. Which, by default, will only be available to you, in private.

connectedThat said, we also foresaw that your successes should be celebrated and shared. To show just how good you are, so that others may learn from you and develop similar qualities. We hope to see this becoming a teaching community, where you can:

  • Find people with similar passions and strengths to continually growth & evolve your practice.
  • Connect with teachers to share your good practice and perhaps assist them with developing key qualities.
  • Build a profile of your success stories allowing you to evidence how your qualities have grown over time.

We’d also like to surface up the relevant standards in your profile, so that, if you choose to, you can display & share where your qualities have been identified. For example, sharing a video of when you met APSfT (3.4) showing how you provided resources that were selected, and adjusted, to meet the need of different learners in your class.

We strongly believe that community has firm place within the road map for Reflect Growth and that by developing a community of learners we can collectively grow and develop far more effectively than in isolation.

Professional Development

Selena, has spoke in her last post, on how tricky it can be to make sure you find the right connections when selecting your PD, so that it’s truly grounded in your own practices. So we felt that Reflect Growth could simplify that too!

By identifying your teaching qualities, as part of your reflective practices, we can provide you with personalised recommendations for PD that align with your needs. You will of course still determine the PD choices made, but we will provide you with options to explore that fit your qualities and eventually even connect you directly to the available courses in your area.

We’d also seek to incorporate that PD event back into Reflect Growth, so that it’s connected with your profile and identified as part of further analysis. By doing this Reflect Growth could measure how effective that PD was for your teaching qualities and how your practice has grown.

I hope that this post has given you an insight into where we’re going with Reflect Growth and how we’re trying to shape it to the needs of teachers. As always, your input is valuable to us and I’d definitely encourage you to co-create with us. As Selena has already said: “The more voices, opinions and experiences we can share the stronger Reflect Growth will become.”

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