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In Adelaide it’s nearly time to start Term 2. In other states you’ve already begun! In our next meetup we’ve decided to tackle curriculum and lesson planning head on.  We’ve got three hours to pull apart our (and others) practice to get started on an answer to a big question…

Which part of the planning process has the greatest impact on a student’s growth?

This post will appear on the site at 8am on the 28th April.  I wanted it to be available before and during our meetup so that you can easily find everything you need for the day.  I am also hoping to pop back in here during the day and add things.  You can, of course, feel free to comment and make suggestions for edits!

To start with, here are the key links you’ll be after:

The prezi – This is where the slides that help structure the day are held.

The forum – This is a space where people can share their thoughts, links and other resources

The Media Library – The currently contains lots of exemplar materials.  Hopefully, by the end of the day it will contain more contributions by those attending. Help yourselves! A big thank you goes out to those who have shared their resources here 🙂

Metateacher Challenge #4

PLanning - Challenge 4Once we’ve delved right into the challenges surrounding planning I challenge you to use the term to explore the affects of your learning.  Experiment with where and how you spend your time on plans. Be mindful of the impact that it might be having on learning; you may even start to see it in the assessment data you gather from your students’ work. I went through our quality teacher framework and devised this list of questions which you can use to guide your thinking as you plan your work and then implement it.  See if you can answer our key question by sharing your reflections in the Metateacher Challenge forums.   

There’s a brand new topic set up for you so you can add your own thread and plot your journey. I encourage you also to read the threads that others start. If people are sharing and noone is commenting it won’t be too rewarding to share lesson resources, observations or anything else ;)


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