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We’re very excited to connect with you as we work to create something that allows us, as professionals, to formulate something powerful.

What Happens Now?

As someone who has shared their contact details with us, you will now receive updates about Reflect Growth in your inbox. Whilst we are more than happy to encourage curious onlookers, we’re looking for teachers, school leaders, parents (anyone with a stake in education) who would be happy to contribute to our research and blog. We’re keen to record the current thoughts on observation and professional development trends in your current experience.

We want to hear about your problems, your successes, your concerns. Anything that might help us to make Reflect Growth the best, most organic reflective tool available.

In order to do that you’ll be invited, but by no means obliged, to influence the way we design and shape Reflect Growth by:

  • Answering questionnaires to help inform the early frameworks and focus points for the software
  • Sharing stories of current practice.
  • Sharing your thoughts on teacher observation as a process
  • Spreading the word about Reflect Growth so that the community can grow.
  • Being a part of the Beta testing team

Thank you, once again, for your interest in this exciting venture.   Let’s work together to join our stories with current research and practice and, as teaching profession, let’s take charge of the way in which we are accountable for our own learning.

Kind Regards,

Selena and Matt Small Gray


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