How are schools creating a growth mindset culture?

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    I thought it would be great to start up a discussion on how each school creates a growth mindset culture. Would love to see the different ways and means out there!

    At my school, we began the year with our 3 week Quality Beginnings program- a huge focus on explicitly teaching growth mindset during these 3 weeks, along with getting to know you, Bounce Back activities, classroom structure, etc. This got our whole school into the spirit of growth mindset. Lessons included: Growth and Fixed Mindset, the language of mindset, understanding how our brain learns best (neuroscience), Learning through mistakes, deep practice, the power of yet and setting goals.
    We didn’t buy a program, we found plenty on the net and I created a few resources that my team used.

    Each weekly assembly features a growth mindset skit from our school leaders- they write it themselves and perform.

    We have begun promoting growth mindset in our school newsletters and Facebook page.

    We also understand that we need to engage our parents and outside community into our school. We are planning an information night early next term to explain mindset and have begun working on redeveloping our reports so that they use growth mindset language, focus on personal growth and include the interests of the students. This is a big task, but will be worth it. I’d love to hear if anyone else has also begun redeveloping their reports.

    So that’s the beginning….it’s great that our journey has begun. What about all of you? What has your school taken on?

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    So this is a huge topic isn’t it? Our school has a very strong focus on growth mindset – for EVERYONE from the kids to the teachers to the SSOs to the parents. Like you, we’re still on the journey towards helping our parents develop growth mindsets. We’re not there YET. 🙂

    Our school is a Play is the Way school, and we’ve found that PITW language encourages a growth mindset. It encourages persistence through challenge, and resilience upon failing. We are constantly talking about our FAILs (first attempt in learning) both in classrooms and the staffroom. Our team leader meetings start with our team leaders sharing their biggest FAIL since the last meeting and what we’ve learnt from it. (We used to share a success or gripe to start the meeting.)

    Learning pit posters are plastered all over the school and we have developed a culture of ‘being uncomfortable’ being the place to be. Our principal can barely open his mouth without encouraging a growth mindset… He is AMAZING in his commitment to it. (He’s also very humble and will readily ‘fess up to his areas of fixed mindset.)

    In my classroom we are constantly setting goals and ‘next steps in learning’, and conferring to reflect on these. Our community circles start with each student acknowledging another student for a challenge they’ve seen them confront, or helping someone else confront since the last community circle. It’s such a delight to hear them say things like “I acknowledge *** for putting in a huge effort to learn how to make equivalent fractions” or “I acknowledge *** for helping me ask the right questions to figure out the advantages of coal power stations”.

    I often talk about neuroplasticity to my class, and had planned to get hold of some sheep brains to dissect (to look at the different parts) at the beginning of the year. I didn’t get to it so the week after NAPLAN may well be the time to do it! It will tie beautifully to the child protection curriculum concepts.

    I’m fascinated to hear how others are doing this.

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    Sounds amazing Markeeta!
    I haven’t heard of PITW, I’m inspired by the idea of talking about FAILs at the start of team meetings. I’m going to do that next week!

    I also love the “I acknowledge…” statements. Powerful statements empowering kids.

    We had a brilliant staff meeting last night where we started pulling apart our reports and rewording them so that they included growth mindset language and were personalised. I think everyone left the room that night with a warm fuzzy feeling in their hearts. We all feel like we finally have permission to write the way we always wanted to. It exciting.

    I just read an article on the net that I thought you might all be interested in about creating a growth mindset culture in schools.

    Can’t wait to see how others are doing this.

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