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    I am really interested in hearing from other teachers and schools how you engage your parents and families in the learning of their child. How are you inviting them in?

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    It’s a big question isn’t it? And one that comes up all the time. Just recently at a literacy committee meeting we were lamenting over the fact that some of our JP teachers had run a morning tea for parents and they’d had (if memory serves) only 2 parents turn up. *SIGH* Last year we ran a literacy open morning and invited all parents/grandparents etc. to visit and see how we’re ‘doing’ literacy these days. I had two parents turn up. The same sort of thing happened with a numeracy event recently. It’s really disheartening.

    On the other hand, when I’ve run events that are specific to my class, and invited the parents/grandparents, I’ve had a great turn out of nearly one set of visitors per student. I’ve had a degree of success in setting mini-projects or home learning activities that require discussions at home but am reluctant to do that because it disadvantages so many children for whom home isn’t quite the place we’d all like it to be.

    I have a (closed) class Facebook group (for parents only) as do most other classes and indeed the whole school. These groups are used to share learning, group progress, ideas and events. They are quite successful in engaging parents, and I think this is because the information goes straight to people right where they are (who doesn’t have Facebook on their phones these days?). My parents all love getting photos of what their kidlets are up to during the day. It has certainly started some interesting conversations!

    It’s a big priority for the school, but we’re struggling to ‘get them in’. I’m keen to hear other ideas too!

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    You know, it is really easy to be disappointed when only 2 family members turn up to morning teas or special meetings. I used to think that, but you know what, if even 2 parents come along the event is a success. You reached out to 2 parents, you got them into school and who knows, maybe next time they’ll bring friends!

    I’m thinking hard at the moment of how we can get parents in. We get a huge amount to our special class or year level events, but a very low amount in to info sessions, etc.
    A community engagement leader told me recently that you need to invite families 6 different ways to get them in. Online through website, through social media, each teacher needs to invite 2 parents personally and you need to ask all of the students to nag their parents to come. That’s something I am going to try asap.
    She also said you need to try to make meetings accessible. Hold the meetings at a variety of times so that they’ll suit a range of parents.
    It’s a start. I really want to begin giving parents an opportunity to have their voice heard in a space other than school council. I’m up for the challenge!

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    I’m actually doing a lecture on this (sort of) and how we can help parents to get involved with the ICT General Cap on Monday… Come join us!

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