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    Hey team – wondering who else uses / has heard of / has dabbled in Genius Hour?

    I’ve given it a crack a few times, but with all the other ‘stuff’ going on I don’t think I’ve really nailed the delivery of it and made it a relevant, deep learning experience for the children.

    In summary, it stems from the notion of 20% time that groovy companies like Google give their employees to let them follow their passions, using the resources of the company. A heap of products (basically everything Google does that’s not a search engine) have come from employees following their passions during this time. The idea is that we give our students a similar opportunity to follow their passions and self direct their own learning.

    My big questions are all related to the idea of how this fits into our already very busy time…

    Some links to have a look at if you are unfamiliar.

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    I have read a bit about genious hour and iv think that any time you can give your students toc learn about what interests them and fires them up is worth doing. A lot of teachers say ‘But, my curriculum is already crowded, how do I fit it in?’ You can link literacy, numeracy, everything to ideas like genius hour. Learning becomes authentic, purposeful and means something to your students. They will retain what they are learning because it means something to them. I say go for it!

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