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How do you teach Geographical Knowledge and Understanding?

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    In this topic I’d love to see how many different ways we can share to teach the concept of Geographical Knowledge and Understanding? It doesn’t matter what year level you’re working with or what text type, what are your favourite ways to teach students this strand?

    You can either press reply on one of the ideas below and share your thoughts. It would be great if you could share things like other ways you might use that idea or things you might add or change and why

    Or you can add to the list by hitting reply to this message instead.

    Let’s see how many different modes, methods and pedagogies we have to share on this one topic!

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    One of the ways I’ve loved watching people develop this (and Inquiry skills at the same time i might add!) is through the use of something called Mystery Skype. Has anyone tried that one?

    Here’s a guide

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    Geocaching is a great real life game that can introduce kids to the excitement of discovering their world. It aligns with the geographic concepts of space, place, and interconnections. LOVE IT. check out for more information.

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      @mrsski I was pleasantly surprised by how much Geocaching goes on in Adelaide. There’s even a hidden cache on the Jetty at Grange! Roland Guestheusen introduced me to that at one of my first CEGSA conferences. Great fun. 🙂

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