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    Our school has a really cleverly developed reading scope and sequence. It’s been such a help for a new(ish) teacher to be able to visualise the big picture this way. Our team felt like we were cheating when we did our whole year planning and didn’t have to wrestle with ‘what’ and ‘when’. 🙂 So, now that NAPLAN is over our year 6/7s have moved onto ‘literary analysis’. I’ll admit that the idea of teaching ‘literary analysis’ was a bit daunting.

    I started very informally with a think aloud and a discussion about what ‘literary analysis’ actually is. It was delightful to hear comments like “we’ve been doing this all year”, and “this isn’t anything new” and my favourite: “so all this thinking and talking has a name”! It was brilliant feedback about what we’ve been doing and where I need to push next.

    It all got me thinking though. I don’t remember doing ‘literary analysis’ at primary school. Not really until later in high school. How deep should I be pushing? What concepts should I be hoping to draw out?

    Any advice out there?

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    You might find this interesting: The UK’s Assessing Pupil Progress. THis has since disappeared from schools but it was ace! Especially for fine tuning assessment. This is the one for English Reading and Writing. Literary Analysis would come under Reading.

    Levels wise… an average year 9 (which in the UK is a 13 year old- your year 8) would be at level 5. For primary years you can see an explanation of the levels and age ranges here. Bear in mind that kids in the UK start school a year earliers. SO your year 8 is their year 9… your year 2 is their year 1 etc.

    What do you think? It’s not an Aussie example but it is a very clear picture of expectation at various ages and stages.

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      Oh! Thank you! That document is fantastic. Very clear developmental sequence. I will definitely be sharing it with our literacy committee. Thanks @selena.

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