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    Hi all!

    I’ve used some form or other of peer assessment since I started teaching. Some are more meaningful than others. The last couple of days I’ve gone right back to basics. I handed each student a copy of the rubric (that they’d created in the early stages of the project) and a pile of sticky notes. In turn each student stood up and presented their ‘mystery animal’ project and EVERY single person in the room assessed them (using the rubric) AND had a go at giving at least one piece of constructive feedback. At the end of the session they all handed their sticky notes to me ad I’m using the peer assessment to help me give a grade, and compiling the feedback.

    We’ll use the ‘meta-feedback’ to build our feedback skills and each student will receive a copy of all their feedback. (In hindsight, sticky notes are NOT the best way to do this. Next time I’ll be using a digital tool.)

    How do you use peer assessment? How do you do it?

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    Have you looked at 3 stars and wish? That always worked well for me.

    You need to have really clear “success criteria”. Usually criteria that the kids have designed themselves ( i usually get them to do it before they even start the task so that they are very clear what it is that you want them to show they know.
    Then ask them to use the criteria to assess each other’s work. They have to say two things they like and one thing they reckon their friend could do better at (2 stars and a wish) Used to work really well and was a great learning exercise for the person doing the marking. They’d go back, look at their own and know exactly what they could do to improve… they learnt from both the strengths and weaknesses of their partner’s work. I wrote a post on how to do this with them using word a few years ago: have a look see if it gives you any ideas 🙂

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      We do use 2 stars and a wish often, usually when we’re giving some quick peer feedback on creative writing. It’s taken some time to move beyond ‘it’s really funny’ and ‘I wish you’d improve your handwriting’ but we’re finally there. We’ve recently been working explicitly on how to edit our writing which has lead to a massive improvement in the quality of peer feedback.

      Being able to track changes and leave comments makes the world just that little bit better doesn’t it? I use it all the time with my kiddos – both the ones at school and at home! I haven’t had my students use it with each other though, although it’s certainly something I should think about doing.

      Is there anything that you haven’t blogged about? 🙂

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