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    I am always on the lookout for new ideas in Project Based Learning and I thought why not find out if anyone else out there is also interested in sharing ideas and things that work or things that didn’t work!

    I am a prep teacher and sometimes find it difficult to think of ways to implement this type of learning with them so I am always up for ideas.

    Over the past 12 months I have found this site: Centre for Student Work to be a GOLDMINE of inspiration for our projects. The worked featured on the site is an excellent source of ‘good’ models of work that you can show your students. I find that our students are inspired from them. They also help them to make rubrics of what their ‘good’ work can look like.

    I would love to hear what others are doing in this area and what you use to inspire your projects.

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    Hi Tammie, thanks for the link to the Centre for Student Work. It is filled with great student examples.In my teaching of geography, I often use the school environment and local community. At the moment, we are discovering our school as a place and mapping it out through different views.
    We are taking photos and adding text to present as a class book, through the Book Creator app. My students are from Reception to Year 3.
    I’ll share more as we progress through our project.

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    Hi there – this term I have been working on the theme of Animal Rights with my Yr9 EAL students, so having discussed various issues with them, as a whole class, using videos or news articles as a stimulus, they then had to come up with a focused question that they were interested in researching; we also use Book creator where they were able to add videos, images, text and basically set out their research in a book format. This project has taken us 5 weeks and next lesson I hope to have their books uploaded into You Tube and shared. Students have improved their Tech skills, have learnt how to research and cite and of course how to present a balanced argument in a formal writing style. Looking forward to hearing more about your projects.

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    I just watched a great TedX talk by Melbourne Principal Peter Hutton He is doing some amazing work at Templestowe College around empowering his students through projects and a huge amount of ‘think outside the box’ ideas. He is inspiring!

    I love a comment he says at the end of the video where he says that his favourite Ted talk is the Ken Robinson one. He then goes on to say, this video was years ago, what has changed? You can’t wait for someone to come and fix it for you, it is up to us to make change.

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    Forgot to say, I’m heading to the ‘Take Control’ Conference at Templestowe College next Friday. I’ll pass on some of the knowledge when I get back! It should be great. All staff who attend have to take a student with it will be 50% students 50% teachers. Pretty exciting.

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