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Work Life Balance – Getting it Right in 2016

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    What top tips would you give for helping make sure that teaching doesn’t consume ALL of you time? How do you make sure you keep a work – life balance?

    Here are 5 thing I would suggest from my experience. Do you agree? What would you add?

    1) It’s ok to say “No”. In fact it’s incredibly important. If you’re feeling like you have a lot on say so. You really can’t do everything. That’s why we work in a team.

    2)Find out who’s there to help. Is there someone who can help with resource making? SSOs? Librarian staff? If you can plan ahead enough then maybe someone else can create the card sort, photocopy the resources etc.

    3)Use your time wisely. I used to suffer from the illusion that “free periods” or NIT time was for having lots of meetings, drinking coffee and chatting with colleagues. It’s so important to do that from time to time – don’t get me wrong but if you don’t use those precious hours to plan and prepare then you’re going to need to find time elsewhere in your week.

    4)Set a time limit for the day’s activities. I used to start work at 7:30am and end at 5pm. I’d leave work and try and leave it in my classroom. There are sometimes when this isn’t always possible but they should be the exception to the rule. I’d then prep on Sunday arvo (usually to get my head into the game). This worked if I was super organised and strict with my time.

    5) Find a system that suits you for being organised. I hate lists… they scare me!! I would however have a timetable for my activities as well as my lessons. So, Year 7b – your books get marked in this slot, those emails? I need to respond to them in this slot.. etc. I’d add my teaching timetable into my calendar like they were regular appointments and then assign the other time to other activities.

    What tips can you add to these?


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