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We’re here to support and inpsire each other.  We… (That’s you too) already have everything we need to do that…. each other!  Reflect Growth is all about connecting and sharing practice so that we can all grow together.  We all have our strengths and our weaknesses. Let’s share those with each  other so we can build our skillset.

Reflect Growth Forums


There are a growing number of groups and forums in our community.  All are designed to give you a space to share your experiences.  They are safe places where we encourage you to take calculated risks together, sometimes to F.A.I.L (First Attempt In Learning) but always to grow.  You’ll find advice, support and resources in these sections.


Meta Teacher Challenges

Meta-teaching is as important to us as meta-learning is to our students.  We need to take time to reflect upon our teaching practices to explore how and why we chose to teach in that way and to evaluate and share stories to help our practice grow.  Termly challenges focus our reflections and enable us to support each other as we grow.



In Adelaide we run regular meetups for our members.  The themes for these often tie-in with the meta teacher challenges.  They’re also a great opportunity to network, share resources and ideas and eat cake. For those who are not able to join us in person, we use Facebook live to share with you and enable you to contribute to the conversation.


Share Resources

As conversations grow and develop we have found ourselves gathering a heap of great teaching resources.  The forums are full of  examples of unit plans, lesson plans and teaching resources.  We believe sharing is caring!

“Interesting. Made me think about my practice that is for sure 🙂 What I do and what could be improved 🙂 ”

@jottewell Co-Creator

Office 365 Integration

If your school uses office 365 for it’s email platform then there’s no need to remember any new passwords.  Simply log in using your usual school email and password.  Our integration with Microsoft’s services make it super easy to get connecting.


Personalise your Profile

Connect with others. Tell them what you’re teaching, what you’re interested in learning and more.  This is a great way to add to your online presence and show yourself as a well connected educator who supports a community of learners whilst growing your own practice.   Remember the best teachers are learners.


Influence the RG app

The secondary purpose of the the co-create community is to give teachers the opportunity to be involved in developing the Reflect Growth (RG) app.  We’ve been researching and working with hundreds of teachers for a while now to build something that will empower us to really evaluate our practice.


Social Media

We love using social media to connect with as many teachers as we can.  You can find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Circle us on Google+ .

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